A global company for a global market

Arrandene MFG specialises in the physical merchanting of ferrous and non­‐ferrous products into the aluminium, copper, and steel producing industries. With our headquarters in Europe, a strategic office in China, a trading company in the USA, and comprehensive networks in the Middle East and South America, we seek to unite the emerging and developed markets, following in the path of the early European merchants who pioneered the Silk Road from the East.

The products we supply are as wide and varied as the industries we supply; this ranges from high grade scraps to semi finished goods, master alloys, and additives – most of which typically go into the automotive, aerospace, or construction industry.

Arrandene MFG owns both Arrandene Asia (a sourcing operation in China) and Arrandene MFG America. Arrandene MFG is also part of the larger MFG metals group. MFG, which comprises of MFG Germany, MFG France, and MFG Processing, supplies and produces products for the iron foundry industry; such as pig iron, briquettes (made at MFG Processing), and other steel alloying additions.

The MFG group is a family run operation with several generations of families working together. Although a young group of companies (starting in 2004), we have been growing and investing steadily with the most recent developments being the creation of a briquetting facility in Krefeld (MFG Processing) and an American trading operation in Michigan.